About Soren Hansen's Woodcraft

At a young age Soren Hansen began his traditional apprenticeship at the prestigious Walsteds Baadeværft in Denmark.  There Mr. Hansen learned from a true Master Craftsman.  The skills and techniques he employs in his shop have been handed down through generations of Danish ship builders.    

After 40 years at his craft, Soren continues to learn and incorporate modern technology to compliment his Marine and Architectural work.  Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer Driven Machining are available along with traditional handwork. 

A recent commission from the California Academy of Science illustrates this combining of old and new.  Their plans called for the creation of a bent-wood lighting fixture over 20 feet long in the shape of a Humpback whale skeleton.  The design was configured using CAD and CNC technology and executed using traditional wood steaming techniques (click here for photographs.)

Soren is one of the few local mast makers with more than 4,000 linear feet built in his career.

He is hopelessly addicted to BBQ sunflower seeds.